RAW Full form – Research and Analysis Wing of India is an Indian intelligence agency that gathers foreign intelligence and advises Indian policymakers in matters of foreign affairs.

RAW is actively involved but isn’t limited to the matters of gathering foreign intelligence regarding terror activities, WMD or Weapons of Mass Destruction, and India’s nuclear program.

How To Join Raw India

Joining a prestigious government job that commands unprecedented social status and respect, is the dream of every Indian youth. RAW is one of those services, but joining RAW isn’t a piece of cake. It requires rock-solid determination and hard work of course!

How To Join RAW India After Graduation

If you are pursuing graduation or a fresh graduate there are two roads that lead you to the doors of RAW.

Before 1983 RAW recruited its officers from Intelligence Bureau, IPS cadre, or even directly from universities, but due to allegations of nepotism, it created its own service cadre the Research and Analysis Service or  RAS.

RAS recruits the cadre from the Group A Civil Services, which means you will have to clear all steps of the UPSC selection examination which is commonly called Indian Administrative Services or the IAS.

While in your final year at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNNA) you would probably get a chance to appear for a campus interview conducted by the RAS.

Based on your performance in the test and interview if you are lucky to get selected, you would get a chance to service in RAW for a period of one year. During this tenure, you would have an option to join your parent service, of course, if you wish to! If not – Welcome to RAW!

Now the second, a relatively easy way but not so easy after all – Wait for the Central Secretariat Recruitment for DFO (Deputy Field Officer). Fill the form and qualify to join any police force. After three years into service, you can apply in RAW for deputation. If accepted thank you luck and start serving the nation.

How To Join RAW India After 12th?

Sadly, there is no way for you to join RAW directly after the 12th. The best you can do is join Intelligence Bureau (IB) after 12th, as a field assistant. That is the best you can do after the 12th if you have the detective’s blood running in your veins!

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By Abha