Who Is Eligible To Vote In India

The right to vote in India is protected by the Citizenship Act that guarantees a right to franchise to the eligible Indian citizens, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, or other demographic differences.

As per the Election Commission of India, the following are the eligibility criterion to vote in India –

  • Must have attained the age of 18 years or above on January 1 of the year in case.
  • One person is eligible for enrolment only at one place of residence.
  • NRI citizens, who are out of the country for education, employment, etc and haven’t acquired citizenship of any other country, are eligible to be a voter at the address mentioned in their passport.

Can Prisoners Vote In India?

According to Section 62 Amendment 5 of the Representation of People Act 1951, serving prisoners or those under payroll are illegible to vote.

How To Register To Vote In India?

To register to vote in India, you need to fill a simple form on Election Commission’s website. Here is the URL –   https://voterportal.eci.gov.in/

When you visit the URL a page as below will appear –

If you don’t have an existing account, click on Create an account. A window as below will appear on your screen –

If you are an overseas voter, select the checkbox, otherwise enter your e-mail ID or the mobile number. When you enter your credentials, a blue button will appear next to it, as shown below –

Click on the blue button to continue through the email or to receive the OTP on your mobile number.

When you click on send OTP a screen below will appear and you need to enter the six-digit OTP shared on your mobile number –

After entering the OTP click on verify. Your mobile number shall be verified and you would be directed to a page to create password –

Enter the password accept the terms and conditions and click Create Account. You would then be directed to the Welcome screen below –

Click on Welcome and enter your profile details in the screen below –

Welcome to your dashboard and Happy Voting! Vote wisely!!

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