Independence Day of India is celebrated on 15th August every Year with much importance in the schools, colleges and offices across the Country. It is an important National Festival during which the whole Nation is filled with a feeling of unparalleled Nationalism and reminded of our freedom fighters.

This essay caters to the need of anyone who is looking for the Importance of “Independence Day of India”.


The independence of India was achieved after a lot of struggle through countless sacrifices by the freedom fighters and almost a decade marked with protests and revolts against the British oppression. It reminds us of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the hardship they have gone through. Following is a point wise brief description on why Independence Day is important for India.

Reminds us of the struggles of our freedom fighters

On Independence Day every year we as a Nation and its people are reminded of our origins, who our forefathers were, what hardship they went through in their lives .What sacrifices they have made for a unite and independent India. We are reminded of all the battles fought, all the protest organized against the oppression of the British Empire and make us value our freedom more by each passing year.

On Independence Day various speeches are organized, programs transmitted,

Stage plays enacted reminding us of also the political development in the last century before independence and the sacrifices of our beloved leaders for the cause of “Purna Swaraj”.

Teaches us to value our Parliamentary Sovereignty more.

India had a long history marked with oppression of its people by the East India Company which worked as a Sovereign power under the British Crown. The policies framed by the rulers were aimed at draining the resources from poor Indian classes only to make them poorer and increasing the accumulated wealth of the British Crown. Though Government of India Act was enacted in 1935 it still holds British crown as the Supreme Power over the people of India until

Complete Parliamentary Sovereignty was achieved through a long-fought battle and by largely peaceful but sometimes violent protests.

Independence Day reminds us of the importance of Parliament sovereignty and the benefits of self governance. 

Encourages Nationalism/patriotism

On Independence Day the Nation is reminded of the sacrifices and struggles of the freedom fighters which fills the whole Nation with an unparalleled patriotic feeling and Nationalistic fervor. People are seen rejoicing on hearing songs of patriotism and shouting the names of our freedom fighters.  Marches are organized by schools to commemorate the day and bands playing National Anthem are a common sight. People are seen buying replicas of National Flag for adorning their houses, offices, vehicles with it. Sweets are distributed in schools, colleges, offices, societies etc.

Citizens are informed about the Achievements of the elected Government

The Prime Minister of India takes the opportunity of the occasion to tell its citizens about the achievements of the elected government. He addresses the citizens informing them about the policies framed by the government and how they will aid to the development of different strata of the society. He informs the Nation about the developments made in the fields of science and technology. He also raises issues concerning the security of the Nation and also the internal safety of its citizens and the steps that must be taken to improve them.

Citizens are also informed about the future plans of the Government and steps it plans to take to curb poverty, unemployment and other issues of national concern.

Unites the Nation

Independence Day is an exceptional occasion which unifies the whole Nation and reminds us that we will rise till we are united and will fall when divided. People from all the class of the society come forward to celebrate this day together shedding their cultural and religious differences. Every year on Independence Day we are reminded that to progress as a Nation we must shed our differences and work together for the development of Nation and its people irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

Educates the Younger generation

The development of a progressive Nation rests on the shoulders of its younger generation. By celebrating Independence Day we educate our younger generation about the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of India, and how we have unity in diversity.Since, India is a land where the language and culture changes from state to state and there is a lot of cultural diversity within the states.

On Independence Day our younger generation like school students , college goers form the various villages and cities across India come together and organize , speeches , stage shows, sing patriotic songs to keep that feeling of Nationalism alive and to only provide more value to the phrase “Nation before Self”.


Independence Day as celebrated on the 15th August of every year is a pious occasion for the people of India, celebrated commemorating the sacrifices of her freedom fighters and great political visionaries. We all must take active participation in the celebration and and keep the feeling of Nationalism and patriotism alive in our hearts working towards an undivided and progressive Mother India.

By Abha